The program OptiMode

The program OptiMode reads a METATOOL output file. OptiMode (written by Ferdinand Moldenhauer) sorts the elementary modes according to the ratio of an user defined product to an user definend substrate out of the elementary modes section of METATOOL output file.

First give the name of input file, e.g. [path]example.out, then the name of output file, e.g. [path] (om stands for optimode). Next, the program asks for the name of the substrate, e.g. PG and last for the name of the product, e.g. Sucex. Please note that upper and lower cases in substrate and product are distinguished.

The number of enzymes of the elementary modes are reported. All modes are written in the specified output file, e.g.

The source code was written in C and its input routines file_hdl.h were written in C++. You will need both files for compilation with a g++ compiler at a UNIX platform. The tool OPTIMODE runns under WIN32 and DOS too.

The version 17/05/2000 OptiMod2.c and the Win32 programm OptiMod2.exe runs best with the outputfiles of meta3_int.exe or meta3_double.exe.

The latest version 28/08/2002 OptiMod4.cpp and the Win32 programm OptiMod4.exe runs best with the output files of meta4.1_int.exe or meta4.1_double.exe.

If you have questions do not hesitate to contact Prof. Stefan Schuster or Dr. Ferdinand Moldenhauer.